Sinus Congestion (18 ct)

maximum strength decongestant for fast, yet powerful relief from sinus congestion & pressure without causing drowsiness.  if sudafed pe® works for you, try this.

  • 18 tablets
  • 10 mg of phenylephrine in each tablet

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Best for

relief of congestion from allergies including:

  • sinus congestion & pressure
  • nasal congestion


phenylephrine hydrochloride 10 mg

How to use

  • adults and children 12 years and over: take 1 tablet every 4 hours.  Do not take more than 6 tablets in 24 hours
  • children under 12 years: as a doctor

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does phenylephrine work?

Congestion is not caused by mucus, but rather by the expansion of blood vessels in the nose, restricting the flow of air and mucus in the sinus and nasal cavities. 

Phenylephrine is a decongestant that works by constricting those same blood vessels back to their normal size. When the blood vessels in the nose and sinuses narrow, the tissue shrinks and allows the normal flow of air and mucus.

How do you pronounce phenylephrine?

phenylephrine is pronounced (feh·null·ef·rin

You should know what's in your medicines, and how to say it too!

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