De-Puffing Cryo Roller

deliver targeted cold therapy to your under-eyes and sinus pressure zones, increasing micro-circulation and soothing inflammation caused by allergies

  • crafted with professional grade stainless steel
  • dual-roller system
click here for illustrated usage instructions

    Best for

    minimize the effects of allergies on the face including:

    • reduce puffiness
    • increase micro-circulation
    • soothe inflammation


    professional grade stainless steel

    How to use

    Step 1: Using the wider roller, start at the side of the nose and roll outwards across the maxillary sinuses with an outward motion while applying light pressure. Replicate the outward motion on frontal sinuses, located above the eyes near the forehead.

    Step 2: Using the narrow roller, start with the under-eye area, rolling outward away from the nose.  With the same sweeping motion, roll between the brows and down each side of the nose. 

    << click here for illustrated usage instructions >>

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